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How to Secure Venture Funding in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Tech & Venture Scene 2019 / Anatomy of a Successful Seed Round


Southern California was one of the hottest venture ecosystems in the country in 2018.  Will that trend continue this year?  Who are the active investors and what are they looking for in potential investment opportunities?  How can you increase the odds of securing venture funding for your startup?

Our program keynote will debut the 2019 Amplify.LA presentation which offers a comprehensive overview of the Los Angeles tech and venture landscape. It includes a look back on 2018, and covers all the players, investors, history and emerging players in LA tech.

Next, a recently funded entrepreneur will reenact his company pitch to the two venture capitalists who wrote him checks. Panelists will share their thoughts and provide the audience an invaluable insider’s view of how the funding process works and, specifically, how a company can best craft its pitch to meet the expectation of prospective venture investors.


Keynote Speaker: 


Eric Pakravan

Vice President





Arye Barnehama


Elementary Robotics


Eva Ho

General Partner

Fika Ventures


Alex Rubalcava

General Partner and Co-Founder

Stage Venture Partners




Randy Churchill

Managing Director

Square 1 Bank


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AI/Robotics on May 11, 2019




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The mission of the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum is to encourage the growth and success of technology-based entrepreneurial ventures in Southern California.

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