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Microbiome:  Learning from the “Second Brain”

The gut microbiota is emerging as an important modulator of brain function and behavior. Scientists seek to dissect biological circuits for communication between the gut microbiota and nervous system, toward understanding fundamental biological pathways that influence brain and behavior.  Microbiome treatments hold promise for treating many disorders including Asthma, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis and Autism.

Our exciting event is a unique opportunity to witness world-class experts including a Keynote Speaker who’s both a noted researcher and founder, an expert panel of entrepreneurs and investors who bring a unique practical perspective, and an extended Q&A opportunity.




Sarkis Mazmanian, PhD

Luis and Nelly Soux Professor of Microbiology

California Institute of Technology




Bryan Yoo, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

Nuanced Health


Julia V. Perederiy, PhD

Founder & CEO

OM Biome, Inc.


Joseph Schinaman, PhD 

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Petri Bio




Russell M. Frandsen

The Business Legal Group 


Michael (Mickey) Krieger, PhD

Attorney at Law, Internet Law Center

UCLA Computer Science Department 


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The mission of the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum is to encourage the growth and success of technology-based entrepreneurial ventures in Southern California.

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