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Forever Young – Biotech Opportunities and Aging

The dream of fending off old age is not new.  Given the global aging of the population, developing interventions that preserve health in old age and postpone the onset of age-related diseases is more important than ever. Age-related conditions are the leading causes of death and health-care costs.

It is now possible to retard aging in animal models. Various genetic, dietary, and pharmacological interventions have been shown to increase lifespan, in some cases dramatically (tenfold is the current record), in short-lived model organisms.  Importantly, life-extending interventions not only increase longevity but can retard the onset of age-related diseases, resulting in the extension of healthspan (i.e., the length of time one lives in good health).

Approaches to enhancing healthspan range from drug discovery efforts to big-data methods and direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategies. Challenges of commercialization include reliance on findings from short-lived model organisms, poor biological understanding of aging, and hurdles in performing clinical trials for aging. Yet if even one company succeeds, the social and financial impact will be huge.

Join us for this exciting forum where we will review how entrepreneurs may approach the most promising advances in healthspan biotech, how entrepreneurs may approach these opportunities, the path to financing, and the resources in Southern California.


Keynote Speakers:


Professor Bruce Hay

Department of Biology



Llewellyn Cox, Ph.D


BioBuilt, Inc




Charles Emley

Senior Advisor & Managing Director – Funds



Ira Moskatel

Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP




Russ Frandsen

Attorney at Law

The Business Legal Group




Julie-ann Pina

Managing Partner



Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Networking with refreshments from 8:00 – 9:00 AM / Program: 9:00 – 11:30 AM


Venturing to Mars


Making Green on the Red Planet

Mars entrepreneurship has entered its lift off phase.  The US Government is preparing for manned missions to Mars but private companies like SpaceX may well get there first. Elon Musk declared that SpaceX will put one million people on Mars.

Entrepreneurial opportunities already have emerged in areas like Launch, Sensors, Instrumentation and Habitats.  Join us to hear expert speakers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, industry insiders and entrepreneurial startups.

The program launches with Keynote Presentations from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Featuring a panel discussion with audience questions, the program is designed to provide researchers and entrepreneurs with insights for navigating among the Government and Prime Contractor gatekeepers in commercial efforts to make mankind a multi-planetary species.


Keynote Speaker: 


Dr. Sarah M. Milkovich

Science Operations Team Chief for Mars 2020 Rover

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory




Tim Ellis

Co-founder and CEO

Relativity Space


Helen Wexler

Space Architect and Founder

Bubble Base




Lynn Foster

Founder and CEO

Z-Field Technologies LLC




Shaun P. Lee

Patent Attorney

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie, LLP



Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Networking with refreshments from 8:00 – 9:00 AM / Program: 9:00 – 11:30 AM


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AI/Robotics on May 11, 2019




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