Big Data: Today’s Supernova of Information and Opportunity

Big Data: Today’s Supernova of Information and Opportunity

Big Data has exploded and engulfed us all and has led to a technology and business revolution. Every website, email, SMS text, mouse click, download, and Internet of Things (IoT), sensor input now predicts epidemics, calculates risk, understands consumer behavior and formulates public policies. Entrepreneurs are pursuing these Big Data opportunities in what is becoming the 21st century equivalent of the gold rush.

Our speakers will share their views on the opportunities and challenges entrepreneurs face in building these new ventures, and give a clearer view of what’s coming our way.


Keynote Speaker: 


Gil Elbaz

Founder & CEO of Factual Inc

Co-Founder of Applied Semantics




Wes Nichols

Board Partner, Upfront Ventures

Independent Board Director, Public and Pre-IPO Technology Companies


Dominique (Mike) Hanssens

Distinguished Research Professor of Marketing, UCLA Anderson Graduate School

Founding Partner, MarketShare, a global marketing analytics firm




Stan Tomsic

Managing Director

Magna Point Group


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