Brain-Machine Interface

Fortune, fame, a healthier life, and the road yet to be traveled (not necessarily in that order)


A Brain–Machine Interface translates neuronal information into commands controlling external software or hardware such as a computer or robotic arm. They hold the promise helping people with motor or sensory impairments. They may one day provide treatment for people paralyzed by physical injuries or neurological disorders.

The cutting edge of the field has shown behaviors are dictated by intentions and has mapped intentions to areas of the brain like the posterior parietal cortex. Our exciting event is Keynoted by a world-class leader in the field along with a panel of entrepreneurs and investors who bring a unique practical perspective. After the panel discussion there will be audience Q&A along with networking afterward.


Keynote Speaker


Richard A. Andersen, Ph.D. 

James G. Boswell Professor of Neuroscience

Director, T&C Chen Brain-Machine Interface Center

California Institute of Technology




Russell M. Frandsen

The Business Legal Group


Coffee and Networking begin at 8:00 am.

Free Parking Underground: Right turn at signal on east side of Cahill (turn right at tennis courts); parking lot entrance 75 yards on right.

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