From the Gut: Microbiome Ventures

The Microbiome and Hope for Cures from Autism to Cancer


It takes real guts to beat Cancer and “real guts” might be the answer.  The microbes in our gut affect all systems in the body – from brain to the nervous system to all of our cells.  Cutting edge research indicates that adjusting the microbial balance in the gut may relieve or diminish symptoms on the Autism spectrum. The microbial balance affects the immune system and affect how white blood cells attack cancer cells.  This event will explore many fascinating and potentially life-saving developments in the field.



Keynote Speaker: 


Sarkis Mazmanian

Luis B. and Nelly Soux Professor of Microbiology

Investigator, Heritage Medical Research Institute

Division of Biology and Biological Engineering





Russell M. Frandsen

Attorney at Law

The Business Legal Group 

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