Quantum Computing: From Physics Lab to Applications


Quantum computing has been moving from lab experiments to real and publicly available devices; but as with other disruptive advances in computing, what kind of applications will drive its growth? Will they be limited to a handful of niche scientific and government uses or will broader applications emerge? And how soon? And what will characterize the software platforms needed to leverage these machines?  With a panel of researchers, industry experts and entrepreneurs who are leading the way into the quantum space, our program will address these questions and others ranging from “what is quantum computing” to “how can we profit from it”?



Keynote Speaker: 


Maria Spiropulu

Shang-Yi Ch’en Professor of Physics






Joe Latone

Research Scientist

IBM Q Ambassador

IBM Research


Yipeng Zhao

Managing Partner

Embark Ventures


Alireza Shabani

Founder and CEO

Qulab Inc.





Andy Tomat

Managing Director

Four Pillars, Inc.


Michael (Mickey) Krieger, Ph.D.

Attorney at Law

Krieger Law Office
UCLA Computer Science Department


Lynn Foster


Z-Field Technologies LLC


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