Technology Startups Go to the Movies

Opportunities and Hurdles for Selling New Technologies into the Motion Picture Industry

Southern California is still the home of Hollywood — the symbolic name for the motion picture industry, but that industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Theatrical release competes with broadcast and cable television and streaming video on demand.

At the same time, the vast majority of distribution of feature motion picture content remains concentrated in a small number of very large corporate entities — the half dozen movie giants that have been with us in one form or another since the 1930s, plus huge upstarts like Netflix, Amazon (Prime). Many of the studios have sizable in-house technology development operations, but all acquire technology or technology products from outside their corporate borders.

The program will kick off with a Keynote Presentation from James Helman, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc. The February 25 program is designed to help would be developers and sellers of new movie-related technologies navigate among the giants, learn what areas might provide opportunities, and avoid areas where scale and other industry characteristics render it unlikely that a startup will make inroads.

Keynote Speaker:

James Helman, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer
Motion Picture Laboratories, Inc.


Uday Mathur

Chief Technology Officer
RED Digital Cinema

Brian Quandt

Chief Technology Officer
Production Data Services


Ira Moskatel

Arnold & Porter LLP

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