Lee Schwing

Lee is the former Executive Director of the Caltech Entrepreneur’s Forum and the Co-Director of Amplify Roundtables. She is currently Managing Director of the Third Millennium Awakening. TMA is a nonprofit corporation founded in 2005 to help impoverished villagers of the Thane District of India who suffer from lack of clean water, severe malnutrition of their young and elderly, inadequate education, few opportunities for income generation, malicious methods of money lenders, and subsequent depression and malcontent.

TMA partners with Indian organization who are the “boots on the ground” to provide meaningful social work interventions, education, and training to address these crises. Valuable resources are shared in conjunction with educational programs that address the underlying causes of these challenges.

Formerly, as Chief Technology Officer at the nation’s foremost entertainment law firm, Ziffren & Brittenham LLP for 17 years, Lee created and oversaw the information infrastructure which supports some of the biggest deals in Hollywood history. The firm’s billion dollar deals range from the sale of the Beatles library to Michael Jackson – to the creation of DirectTV and Dreamworks. Lee created a Contract Management software program to track the backend of the firm’s major Hollywood deals. This represented a significant bump in the firm’s revenue stream and for the first time archived the famed A-list legal entity’s deals into a highly accessible database.

For the World Shoe Association, the largest B2B trade show producer, Lee created information systems supporting over $50M in annual sales. Lee also co-founded Amplify Professional Services to help companies identify the best available technical talent.

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