Michael (Mickey) Krieger, Ph.D.

Michael Krieger has practiced business and intellectual property law for more than 20 years, focusing on strengthening clients’ key IP assets to grow and monetize their businesses, using not only copyrights, trademarks and patents, but also contracts and careful diligence choosing partners. His clients range from start-ups to industry leaders. He also serves as an expert in technology litigation where IP, contract, and technology issues intertwine. With degrees in mathematics (B.S., Caltech; Ph.D., UCLA) and law (UCLA), Michael spent 15 years on the MIT Mathematics and UCLA Computer Science faculties and as a Fulbright Scholar prior to practicing law. In 1997 he rejoined the UCLA computer science faculty to lead a popular technology law and business course.
Michael has held positions in the California Bar’s Intellectual Property Section and serves on start-up and non-profit boards including the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum. His writings include contract guides, most recently for the LA Times “Associations” column. He is Of Counsel to Willenken Wilson Loh & Delgado LLP.

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