Rogelio F. Nochebuena

Mr. Nochebuena areas of expertise are in nanotechnology (nanotubes, nanolaminates, and nanoparticles) used for novel materials and devices. His start in the field began while working at Xerox PARC where he was mentored by Professor Cal Quate, the co-inventor of the Atomic Force Microscope. Since then he has worked with technologies developed by the Lawrence Livermore National Lab (e.g. Nanolaminates for Super-Capacitors used in energy storage), and Florida State University (Carbon Nanotubes for novel forms of heat shields and heat spreading technology). Other areas of expertise include semiconductors and opto-electronics including design and processing of laser diodes (edge-emitters, VCSEL’s & LED’s), OLED’s and MEMS.

Mr. Nochebuena holds BSEE and a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University; and a MBA from Pepperdine University.

Presently he is working abroad developing solar and wind farms as well as other renewable energy projects.

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